Dakota Malchow Computing Scholarship

The Dakota Malchow Computing Scholarship was created to encourage interest and participation in the field of computer science. Its goal is to provide financial support to a student that shows passion in programming.

Each year, a one time award of $500 will be made to one student.

Criteria for Submission:

The personal programming project should be a program written in one or more programming languages. The program should be worked on individually. Receiving help for ideas is encouraged, but the actual writing of code should be done by the individual student. Previous class assignments and personal projects are acceptable to submit.

The explanation should at least describe what the program does. Other information can include a more detailed explanation of different parts of the program, where the idea for the project came from, an explanation of the choice of technology/programming language used, and any other information that is deemed relevant.

Preference (in order) will be given to:

Please note that this scholarship has no requirement for GPA or major/field the student plans on pursuing after high school. This is purposely meant to be open-ended to give any graduating senior at Wes-Del an equal opportunity.


Holden Stanhope - Animal Adoption Center


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